Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update on Yesterday

Thank you all for your prayers. My teacher did not get to read the rough draft, but he will read the final draft, once I complete it next Saturday. In our peer editing groups, it was hard to see if anyone was touched by the gospel, but I believe that hearts were touched because I remember one guy leaving the classroom after he finished editing my paper. I don't know exactly what entailed at that time, but I believe that the guy was touched by the gospel. The gospel is extremely powerful. Able to penetrate to the deep recesses of the heart.
Once I complete the final draft, I may post it on my blog; so you guys could hear my testimony. It is not at all that great, but God did save me from a bunch of stuff down the line that I am extremely grateful for. God is good and I will continue to praise Him in the midst of everything that I am going through. Soli Deo Gloria!!!!


Courtney said...

I'll continue to pray.

In Him,

Jenna said...

That's great Joshua! I will keep praying~

Your sister in Christ,

'becca said...


I am glad that things went well. I will continue to pray for you.


p.s. - Yes, that was a very long worm. But we do have a lot of long worms around here. They are great for catching fish!!

Josh said...

I'll be praying. By the way, I would love to read your testimony!
God bless,