Sunday, January 2, 2011

Three Spiritual Aspirations For 2011

I have compiled three spiritual aspirations that I resolve to do this year.  The first spiritual aspiration is to preach the Gospel daily to myself.  C.J. Mahaney is the main proponent behind this aspiration.  He writes in his book Living the Cross Centered Life, "Reminding ourselves of the Gospel is the most important daily habit we can establish.  If the Gospel is the most vital news in the world, and if salvation by grace is the defining truth of our existence, we should create ways to immerse ourselves in these truths every day.  No days off allowed." (1)  So true.  Jesus gave up his life for us.  The most defining moment in all of history is the Cross of Christ, and I want my life to be centered around this one vital truth.  In this coming year, I choose and purpose in my heart everyday to be refreshed, renewed, and revitalized by the glorious Gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ.  To preach to myself with such fervor that I would remain immersed in His love throughout the day, to reflect on the horrific suffering that my sin caused him, to revitalize myself in order to make known to all the world His astounding love, grace, and mercy.  That Christ would be all my theme, honor, and praise forevermore.

The second aspiration is I want to study the Gospel like I never have before.  C.J. Mahaney points this out in his book, "Never be content with your current grasp of the Gospel.  The Gospel is life-permeating, world-altering, universe-changing truth.  It has more facets than any diamond.  We will never exhaust its depths." (2)  I like that.  We will never exhaust the depths of the Gospel.  God is so infinite that my second spiritual aspiration is to never be content with my current grasp of the Gospel.  I want to continue seeking, searching, digging, delving, climbing, striving, enduring in understanding the Gospel, so that God may be glorified and that I may have the ultimate opportunity of seeking this prized jewel.  The Gospel is more beautiful than any prized possession.  A prized possession will give me joy for a short time, but the Gospel will give me joy for eternity.  I want to be known as a man, who digs and seeks after those unchartered territories that represent the Gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Finally, my third spiritual aspiration, this year, is to become more of a prayer warrior.  I do not pray as often as I should, and when I do pray, it is often perceived in my sense that he is not hearing me.  I ask him for things relating to my spiritual well-being.  And, when they do not come to fruition in time, I tend to get discouraged.  Really, any Christian would tell you this, it is difficult to wait on the Lord.  I am that type of person, who does not like to wait.  I do not like waiting in lines, I do not enjoy waiting for my turn when playing a game, and I even do not enjoy waiting to get married either.  If God could just show me the woman, who is to be the love of my life, I would marry her right now.  Let's decorate the house and get the show on the road.  As you can see, I desperately need to learn patience as I wait on the Lord.  So namely, my third aspiration is to learn patience as I pray knowing that God, in his due time, will answer my prayers in accordance with His good, pleasing, and perfect will.  Thanks for hearing me out.

What are your spiritual aspirations this year?

1 - Living the Cross Centered Life, written by CJ Mahaney, pg. 132.
2- Living the Cross Centered Life, written by CJ Mahaney, pg. 142



Lilac Bud Gal said...

Wow!! Thank you for sharing. I want to read his book now.

Well, to tell the truth, I hadn't gotten any spiritual aspirations. In fact, I hadn't even thought of it. I guess when I think of goals or aspirations I tend to think of physical things like reading, or being more diligent in school. Those are some really good aspirations and I just might do one or two of them, especially the studying the gospel harder one. Isn't it amazing how we, as Christians, tend to forget that we need to daily remind ourselves of why we are Christians and why we are living the way we do? That is a really good thought...
Looks like I will have to start thinking on what other spiritual aspirations I want to add!! One I have on my list already is to get better at reading the Bible and really studying it and reading it as my Love letter from God!
Thanks for sharing! Guess I really needed to hear that today..

In Christ's Service,

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Those are awesome goals! :)

BTW -- I just bought the fellowship of the ring the other day -- I'm finally gonna watch it! yeah, that's right -- I've never seen it. :)

Bleah Briann

Joshua said...

Yeah, I love that book as well. One of my all time favorite books besides the Bible. You should read it. It is a superb book. :)

You have never seen the LOTR's. Wow, you are probably the only person I know who has never seen it. After you have seen it, let me know what you think. I am curious to know what your thoughts are on it. :)

Anonymous said...

You might find the following blogs of interest about C.J. Mahaney and the group he leads, Sovereign Grace Ministries:

They tell another side. Hope this helps.

Joshua said...

I have already talked to you over a year ago. I am not going to repeat the same conversation. Thank you very much.

In Christ,
Joshua :)