Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day #2: A Favorite Movie

This one is easy.  I think I have mentioned this before in a couple past posts, but my all time favorite movie series comes from an epic masterpiece of books written by J.R.R Tolkien.  Tolkien knew how to write a book, and Peter Jackson brilliantly knows how to film a majestic series of films based off of Tolkien's books.  As you already know, my favorite movie (series) is the Lord of the Rings.  If I had to choose one in the series, I would pick the Return of the King only because in this movie the series culminates to a majestic conclusion.  The Fellowship consists of nine different personalities ranging from an elf (Legolas) to a dwarf (Gimli) including four hobbits (Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin), two humans (Aragorn and Boromir), and a wizard (Gandalf).  They all persevere to the end as they complete their toil filled journey and accomplish their main mission of destroying the one ring.   

I like this set of movies, because it contains many biblical themes throughout.  Our main goal, as Christians, is to strive to make His Gospel known throughout the world.  This is our main mission.  The Fellowship's mission, particularly Frodo's, was to destroy the one ring.  And, every temptation, allurement, and bait would be thrown in front of Frodo's face to keep Frodo from ultimately pursuing this mission.  Sometimes he fell, but he had a sense of endurance to strive and push onward despite the constant temptation that literally surrounded him.  He is a great example of the Christian in Hebrews 12 in laying aside every weight and the sin which clings so closely, and running with endurance the race set before him.  This is just one of the many spiritual applications displayed in this remarkable trilogy.  Anyways, that is a brief synopsis of the trilogy that I have grown to become completely infatuated with.  It is definitely my favorite movie "series" by far.  ;)



susanwalkergirl said...

Very cool Joshua. Chris and I were debating what movie we should watch the other night. Lord of the Rings was one of them. Perhaps it's high time we work our way through the trilogy over the next few weeks.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I was really debating whether I should do this one! LOTR is probably my top favorite movie series. Return of the King is definitely my favorite. Especially all the battles in this one (not that I love fighting, but getting to see good triumph over evil- just like it will be "at the end of all things")

In Christ's Service,

Lauren Nicole said...

LOTR is definitely a favorite for me as well :)

May Amelia said...

Ahh... well, that's really nice that you like that movie! O.o I... don't. I know, I know, don't yell at me... really, I've tried but... the Ork things? EW. I will admit that there are some good parts though. Like Sam. A great example of the perfect friend. And, yes, it's a great allegory, but still.

Joshua said...

You definitely could not choose a more better use of your time than when watching that movie "series". It is an absolutely, splendidly superb trilogy. I recommend watching it a thousand times over. It is PG-13 for some scary images, mostly from the Orcs and Gollum, and highly intense combat battle sequences. It is a basic rendition of spiritual forces: good vs. evil battles. Cannot get any better than that and it is so true in actual reality. Thanks for the comment. :)

Yeah, it is difficult trying to pick your favorite movie out of a bunch of excellent ones. I agree with you on the LOTR's being the best movie "series" ever. There is nothing quite like good battling against evil. :)

Lauren Nicole,
I could not agree more. Excellent choice. :)

How disappointed I am in you? *shakes head* You do not like The LOTR's. I am kidding. :) Each person has their own opinions on different topics and what not. I only have a couple questions though. One, what can you expect from ugly beings like the orcs? Of course, they are going to be scary and gross because they are a definite part of the evil schemes associated with their father Sauron. Their ugliness and grossness is inevitable in a lot of ways. And two, did you watch the movies on like an upset stomach or something? Were you in a bad mood? What happened that made you dislike them?

Liberty said...

Epic movies. I prefer the books (mostly just because I like the extra detail you get from Tolkien's extensive worldbuilding), but I always like the book better, yeah. ^.^

May Amelia said...

Well.. it'd help if the girl Orks had bows in their hair or wore lipstick or something (Tolkien would have wanted it that way)... wait, are there girl Orks and boy Orks? And yessss... I know it's the whole good vs. evil thing. No I didn't watch the movies when I was grumpy or had an upset stomach. Quite the opposite. I watched them with a friend who filled in all of the extra information for me and told me when to not look. Maybe it was because they were soooooooooo long. Or maybe it was because I accidentally watched #2 first (but not to fear, I watched them in order then with my friend). Or maybe it was because I was furious with Frodo. I kind of wanted to shake some sense into him. Or maybe because it was just icky. By any chance are you a psych. major? =]

Julie Reynolds said...

I like your Synopsis of the Trilogy. I to am a Fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Joshua said...

Really, I have no idea what sex the orcs attribute themselves. They enunciate like men from their voices, but looks is another story. I am not sure about that one.

Nah, I am an engineering major. Haven't figured out what field of engineering yet? But, I will soon. I am more of a math and science type guy than an English type of guy. I know, I know. You are probably wondering how my brain can stand providing information to a walking dictionary and a mathematical freak. The two completely do not coexist with each other. Sorry, I do not know the answer to that question. Ask God, He would know. ;)

Julie and Liberty,
I could not agree with you both more. :)

Gabrielle said...

Hi Joshua, You're blog looks really good; I haven't visited in a while...I like LOTR too. ;) As you said, there are so many parallels to Christianity; the story has such virtue. Reading the story roused an ardent desire within me to confront my sin and conquer it, just as Frodo determined to destroy the ring. Truly, it is a valiant tale! I could blab about it's greatness, but instead I'll ask this: Which character do you most admire, Joshua? Or what part of the story do you enjoy the most?

Katie Gunn said...

My FAVOURITE movie of all time! The whole series, but Return of the King is probably my favourite. :)I love it when the Hobbits run towards the Orcs and then everyone else overtakes them! My favourite character has to be Legolas. :D

Sister in Christ