Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day #16: A Song(s) that Makes Me Cry

Guys cry.  It is the truth.  I don't cry often, but when I do it is probably because I am touched by how much God loves me.  How much he loves me through his Son!  The Cross of Christ is one truth that I do not take lightly.  He gave up his life to save me, to save me a wretched, vile sinner.  I was running a race led by the devil.  I was hell bound.  But, instead of leaving me as a hell bound sinner, He lavishly poured out His never ending love on me by giving me the greatest gift I could ever even fathom.  He gave me His Son.  He gave you His Son.  He gave us His Son by brutally destroying Him in order that He may free us from our slavery to sin and give us life everlasting.  There is no one who is more worthy, no one who is more lovely, no one who is more beautiful, no one who is more magnificent, no one who is more gracious, no one who is more kind than our God.  So, what songs make me cry?

1. Worthy is the Lamb (Hillsong)

2. This Fathomless Love (Sovereign Grace Music)

3. Jesus Thank You (Sovereign Grace Music)

4. The Power of the Cross (Keith/Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend)



May Amelia said...

Wow, frankly I am shocked that guys release a water/salt substance from their tear ducts. Just kidding. I knew your gender cried... or at least highly suspected it.
Thanks for being so transparent. ;)

Liberty said...

Worthy is the Lamb makes me cry every time I hear it, or at least feel like I'm about to. :D It's such a powerful song.

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

those are really awesome! They made me cry. :)


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Oh, all of those are beautiful. Thank you for sharing..
My Dad always says, "Real men cry"... :)
Those songs are such great reminders of what Christ did for us. Just beautiful.

In Christ's Service,

Joshua said...

No problemo on being transparent. I am usually that way. :)

I agree. It is a very powerful song. I love it. :)

Yeah, they are really good crying songs. :)

I was glad to be able to share them. Thanks for the encouraging comment. It is true that real men do cry. :)

Adam said...

"This Fathomless Love" we sing that at my church I did not know who sang it, It is One Awesome song great list of songs.

Signed a Brother in the Lord

Adam said...

The Power of the Cross that one song brings tears to my eye every time I hear it. A reminder of what God did by sending His Son into this world to take our place on the cross...