Saturday, March 6, 2010

Did you know........ #5

For this Did you know post, I am going to go off an a bit of a tangent. This one is going to be a personal one and you all will definitely be surprised nonetheless.

Did you know................ that before I was conceived, the doctor, examining my mom's womb, mistook me for a girl. A girl! After hearing that, my parents chose a girl's name for me. What was my name going to be? Kirsten! My grandma even started sewing a pink girl's blanket for me. Wow! I was some pretty special girl, until my mom finally found out from the same doctor, a couple weeks later, that I was a boy. =) THE SAME DOCTOR. My mom also told the doctor that he said that I was going to be a girl a couple weeks back. Apparently, the doctor just stared at my mom and was like, no, he is definitely a boy. 99.9999999999% sure. What! Not even a 100 percent. That is way sad. However, I am glad God is always 100% sure and he knew that I was going to be a guy way before he even laid the foundations of the earth. All praise to His glorious name.

One last thing, don't call me Kirsten. I am a guy, not a girl. Thank you very much.

May God give us grace. Soli Deo Gloria!!!!!!!


Kate said...

Okay, do you how bad I want to call you Kristen right now? lol

My parents were told that my older brother was a girl and didn't find out otherwise until he was born. They already had my name picked out, so my poor brother was called Katie Marie for 9 months, and then I get it later. Gives a new meaning to hand-me-downs huh? =)

Lindsay said...

Oh, I'd love to call you Kirsten right now too. lol! :D That is too funny, Joshua! Thanks for sharing. I'm also glad God is always 100% sure. Have a great Sunday! =)

Siminy said...

As would I! I was going to be called Hayden if I was a boy though, which is now my little brothers name, so I shan't! =D

Jenna said...

Hi Joshua,
First I wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog, but just haven't been able to comment because of time restraints that I had to put on blogging, in this season of my life:)

Also, when my momma was pregnant with Josh and I, the Dr. couldn't even tell what I was...I thought it's a bit sad that they couldn't even guess lol!

Aren't you glad that everything is in the LORD'S hands?! He never second guesses Himself:)

In Christ,

Camden said...

We had friends who were in the same boat. The baby was coming, and for the ENTIRE pregnancy the doctors were sure the baby was a girl. The family painted the baby's room pink, prepared lots of girl clothes, and waited for their little girl. Needless to say, they were a little more than surprised when their little BOY entered the world! Thus little Isaac ("laughter" =D) was born!

Regan Family Farm said...

Glad you are you, Joshua!!! We knew our Joshua was a boy, but twin #2 first looked like a girl, then in the subsequent 3-4 ultrasounds, twin #2 took a more modest approach and withheld the truth until "birth"day~ a girl she was (is)!
Mrs. Regan

Anonymous said...

Actually Great Grandma was hooking a rug for you and had the sweet girls name almost all hooked when we gave her the good/bad news. She patiently took out "Kirst" and hooked in Joshua.

Paradox said...

Lol. Thanks for posting such great stuff here... I've been following you for a while now and all the stuff you've posted has been really edifying for me.

So... I've given you an award for stretching my spirit. =)

susanwalkergirl said...

Thanks Joshua...that's a hoot. You gave me a laugh.