Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cross of Christ Pt. 5 - What Christ has Done for Me Pt. 2

Continuation of Part 1.... I tried to hide from the brilliant light, but it was too bright. A voice said, "Come." All of my chains fell to the ground, except my handcuffs. At that time, this unknown person led me straight to some other room with a gigantic video screen. "My name is Micah," he said. "Please sit down and try to make yourself at home." I was stunned. He led me here. Why? "We are going to watch two separate videos," said Micah. "One of your life and one of another man's life." I wanted to sprint out of there as fast as I could, but I was still handcuffed. What could I do? I thought. This man is a nut. Watch a video of my life. Yeah, like that would ever happen. "If you have any questions, just ask them," said Micah. The video began. First, I was extremely defiant of this being real, but I actually saw my life unfold before my very eyes.

Each scene characterized a past sin that I had committed. I began to feel the guilt well up within my soul. A lie, a hateful word, a lustful thought, a pride-filled action, a crude joke, a slanderous comment ; whatever it was... it brought back horrific memories. I was stunned and astounded that this guy had videotaped my life. My every word, thought, and action was brought to fruition. I could not even speak at all. "Any questions," asked Micah once the videotape ended. I shook my head in disgust and embarrassment, not wanting to speak at all. "Alright then, we will move on," Micah said. He started the second video. This video left me speechless and amazed.

The video began with a newborn baby lying in a manger. "Who is this baby." I asked. "You will find out." replied Micah. The baby was brought three gifts from wise men that are only fit for a king. "This baby is no more than a peasant boy and he is given kingly gifts from kings," I said. "That is not right." Micah did not answer. The video rolled on with the baby growing up into a fine young man filled with the Holy Spirit. Throughout this video, I was trying to catch this young man fall into a trap at least once. He never did. Instead, he grew up into an incredible man full of wisdom and stature always looking out for the needs of others. Wow, this is incredible. I thought. I would never be able to do that. As a man, he was tempted by the enemy, ridiculed by the Pharisees, hated by the Sadducees, loved by many, but he never fell into any trap of sin at all. He loved one thing and only one thing and that was his Father. He never wanted to disappoint Him.

Then, his earthly ministry was coming to a close. I had no idea what was in store for me at this point. "Who is this man?" I asked. "Haven't you already guessed, it is Jesus Christ." Micah replied. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, never thought of that. Thanks for the tip." I pushed the seat back and yawned, but something caught my eye about this Jesus. He was mellow for a human, but authoritative as a preacher. He always had his best interests out for the lesser people of the world rather than the high tech Pharisee dudes. Amazing. It came time for his betrayal. "What?" I yelled. "This guy is falling straight into the hands of the Jerusalem police." "He needs to run." Instead, he was arrested right on the spot after his betrayer kissed him. "Wow, I don't believe this guy," I said. "I am fully confused." Right then, I was thrust straight into the video screen. End of Part 2


Rachel M. said...

That is so well written! :) I enjoyed reading it. :)

Bethany said...

Good post! Question...why did you have to stop there? You left me hanging! :) Can't wait for the next part!

Courtney said...

That's great!


Rachel M. said...

Can't wait for the next part!!! :D

'becca said...

Wow!! It's like I am living what you say as I read it. The wayI have lived my life is so sinful, but Jesus pays it all by living a perfect life and dying on the cross for all of us sinners. Amazing post. But you left us hanging. Is there more?