Friday, December 6, 2013

Life Lessons from Paul Introduction

Philippians is an excellent book.  Why is it excellent?  It is not merely excellent for its just being in the Bible.  It was written by a dying man in prison.  Paul knew he wasn't going to live much longer.  The day of his execution was drawing ever nearer and he wanted to write something meaningful to share with us what life is all about.  You can hang your hat on whatever.  But, is it going to last?  Is it going to endure the test of time?  Is it going to guide you when times get tough?  Because, Paul says, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."  This statement practically relays to us that Paul is dead to the world.  This world has nothing for him.  If he is to live, it means continuing to serve Christ with all he has.  On the other hand, if he is to die, it is an absolute momentous occasion because he can completely rejoice in Christ's presence with no more constant, poignant toiling in the midst of fierce persecution, trials, and tribulations from this earth.  What else could you want?  If I live, I can still be the hands and feet of Jesus in this dying, aching, and broken world.  But, if I die, I am in His presence completely healed and made new.  Nothing else except Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  He is all that matters in this life and He is all that matters in the next life.  That is encouragement and that is what Philippians is all about.  You need look no further than Jesus to understand what Paul's greatest glory and hope is when surveying this book and even any of his other letters.  The supremacy of Jesus is at the pinnacle of them all.

And though, we will mostly be looking at Philippians this time around... primarily the final three chapters of the book.  It will give us an accurate depiction of Paul's heart for the church at Philippi and the overall church in general.  Philippians 1:21, the verse above, gave us the introduction because it is literally the backbone of the book and it sets the stage for what Paul is going to unveil so magnificently to us in the following chapters.  Can't wait for it.......  

Sola Deo Gloria!!!!     


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