Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sermon Quote Today

This is a question quote that I heard in one of our pastor's sermons today:

"Have we become so familiar with Jesus that He ceases to shock or even amaze us anymore like He used too?  Let it not be so."


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Amen! That is a really great quote. I've recently been feeling like our relationship with Christ should not become dull and non-exciting. Thanks for sharing it. It was great to hear from you on here. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for sharing this quote. I wonder if perhaps a reason for us becoming so familiar with Christ, as your pastor put it, is because we ourselves have become comfortable in our own walk. God doesn't want to leave us where we are but continue to conform us to the image of His Son. (Romans 8:29) As Paul stressed so many times in the New Testament, it should be our goal as followers of Christ to become more like Him. For me personally, the more I study God's Word, the more I realize how little I know and that much work on me is needed.

Thanks again for sharing.

God Bless,