Saturday, April 28, 2012


People change, kids grow up, lawns grow tall, laundry loads increase in size, dishes pile up in the sink, some bands split to move on with life, blogger changes, time literally flies...........................  Maybe it is time to start a new blog with a new fresh look.  However, I have never been much of a person of change, so I will continue with this blog even though I haven't posted in nearly four months and sporadically in almost several months.  Yeah, hard to believe.  I know.  Well, my desire is to post more.  Always has been.  God deserves the utmost praise and adoration of our hearts.  Am I willing to give Him everything He deserves and more?  Yes, and I believe part of it is in continuing to post about Him no matter what happens.  And, it will come once this semester of school is over.  I have three weeks left.  Three grueling weeks to go of chemistry, calculus, and physics...... with tests in all three of those weeks and three Finals on the last day.  How fun???  Yet, the finish line of this marathon is not close.  I am in the final quarter, the stretch run, rounding third and heading home.  Work still needs to be completed.  But, I will be back.  It is because of Calvary, because of the way and how He died, because of His victorious life over death......  Stay tuned.   


the girl named Bleah said...

:) Glad to have you back. <3


Lauren said...

Hey!! I actually did a double take when I saw you on my dashboard! It's been a long while...time truly does fly though. Sometimes too fast!
Glad to see you're back! :)
~Lauren :)

Lhen aldave said...

I'm glad you're back on blogging. It's good to know that you are really enthusiast to go back despite your busy schedule. Hope you'll have more time on blogging, and knowing your purpose really encouraged me.

In Christ,
Lhen :)

sam said...

Seems just like that.
good post.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how my life is right now..
I am finishing my second semester at college and I have finals too. I will be praying for you, can you please pray for me?
God Bless You!
Can't wait to read you're future posts, and don't change the look, I love it just the way it is!

Joshua said...

Of course I will pray for you. May God be your wisdom and knowledge as you not only seek Him but study for your Finals. You should be fine though. Relax, breathe easy, and pray. That is the best advice I can give ya.

And as far as the blog look, I like it as well because it means a lot to me. I made the cross pictured in the header and it constantly reminds not only me, but everyone of what Jesus has done for them. Thus, I am not touching a thing. So now knowing what you know, you should be able to sleep well tonight. :) Anyways, may God bless you as well Julie.

By the way, what college do you attend?

Joshua said...

Bleah, Lauren, and Lhen,
Glad you all are still alive and standing strong. May God be with you all. :)

Thanks! :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Glad to see you back and excited to hear what God's been doing in your life! Your posts always encourage me to go out and live more for Jesus.

God bless!

Jessica said...

let me know if you got the previous comment. there was some issue with publishing it apparently.

Joshua said...

Yes, I did. I even e-mailed you as well. Hope all is well. :)

Joshua said...

Thanks. I am in the process of writing a new post right at the moment. So, I am getting back into the swing of blogging. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

the girl named Bleah said...

Hey I wasn't sure if you wanted it, but if you wanted a new header/design I could definitely help you out with that. I've gotten much better in the last year. ;)


Joshua said...

Thanks Bleah. I will definitely e-mail you whenever I decide to change it. Right now, I like the look as is. But, I will ask you. What do you think? And, be honest, please. :)