Sunday, April 17, 2011

Game Deadline / Update

I am very surprised that the Chris Tomlin game has not caught any steam.  With a $10 I-tunes gift card on the line, I thought that you guys would be eagerly fighting for a chance to be victorious.  I guess I had high expectations, which soon drizzled out with only two participants thus far.  However, there is still time to play.  The deadline for the game will be next Saturday at 10:00 PT.  So, in the meantime, may God be glorified and have fun.  Also, I will be posting a 2-3 post autobiography of myself starting tonight, so you can get a glimpse of my struggles in life, which will reveal God's strength being made perfect in my weaknesses.  It is a continuation of the God's Strength Made Perfect in Weakness series, so it should be rather exciting..... 

Sola Deo Gloria!!!!! 


May Amelia said...

Yes well... how do you know it's not all part of my secret plan?!?!?!?! Mwahahaha!

Joshua said...

What? Is there something brewing I am not aware of.......? Are you being sarcastic or literal? I usually take things in the literal sense. Oh well, thanks for creating a secret plan whether it is for my own good or for my complete destruction. :]

Mark Zellner said...

Christ Tomlin game? Sounds fun! Where can I found out about it and what is the prize?

May Amelia said...

Nothing much... just world domination (ugh, I almost put "denomination"). Oops.

~E~R~I~N~ said...

I have a big problem with trying the game: I had never heard of Cris Tomlin before much less have any clue about the names to his songs.
I'm not very knowledgeable on singers.
I would have liked the gift card though.


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Ok, sorry if this sounds stupid... my brain is still recovering from the convention... is the contest still open?? I assume it closes this coming Saturday which is.... the 23rd?? Sorry, I couldn't find a date on your post.

(actually, I think I accidentally left my brain at convention... lol!)

In Christ's Service,

Joshua said...

Yeah, it does close this coming Saturday the 23rd, so you still have time. :)

You can find out about the game in my last post and the prize in my last post. :)

Too funny. Have a fun time trying to dominate the world. :)

No prob. Sometimes I don't know the lyrics to other artists as well. It just depends on the artist. Thanks for the comment. :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

oh, bummer! i missed it... we ended up working cattle all the rest of this week and I didn't have to sit down and enter... oh well! Best of luck to the winner of the tie breaker. :)
Oh, by the way, this was a neat idea for entering a contest...

in Christ's service,