Monday, January 31, 2011

Titus: Here We Come

I had a change of heart.  The consensus chimed in overwhelmingly in favor of the book of Titus over Philemon.  So, I will save the book of Philemon for after Titus.  Many factors played important roles, which made me choose Titus over Philemon.  I received a book from my uncle with a commentary on Titus, I prayed and received specific direction to begin Titus, and your votes played an important role as well.  Therefore, I will introduce the book of Titus on either Tuesday or Wednesday with a relatively simple posting plan.  Also, I will be expositing the book, so expect me to finish the book by the end of this summer at the latest.  

Sola Deo Gloria!!!!!  


angelina said...

The book of Titus is awesome... can't wait for your upcoming posts on it.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I am looking forward to reading your posts on it! :) Thanks for taking this on.

In Christ's Service,

Joshua said...

I agree. I love the book of Titus as well and it should be an interesting book to go through. Can't wait to post about it. :)

~E~R~I~N~ said...

I'm ready!
I actually voted for Titus on the poll!I like it because it has a lot of good things to tell us.


Anonymous said...

How about Tituphilemons? That one would really challenge you.

Bethany said...

I'm really looking forward to this book. Can't wait to start! :)


Joshua said...

No prob. I will exposit to the best of my ability. Thanks for the comment. :)

I am all set to start as well. Let's get going. :)

lol. It would be really challenging going through that book. I agree. :)

Same here. I can't wait to get this thing going. :)