Friday, January 7, 2011

Day #7: Five Things I Could Not Live Without

Starting from least to greatest, here we go:

#5 - Mathematics

Where would we be without mathematics?  Probably an unindustrialized society.  I love it, which means living without it would make me want to drive a spear through my heart.  :)

#4 - Books

Without books, I would cease to learn.  And without learning, I would drive myself crazy.  And in driving myself crazy, I would cease to live.  

#3 - Water

This is obvious, but very true.  Drinking water is my life vitality.  End of story.  

#2 - My Mac

I would seriously become destitute without it.  You have the internet, I-tunes, written school notes, written school papers, etc. all at your fingertips.  Very useful machine. 

#1 - Jesus Christ 

Without the Life itself, we are in bad shape.  The Life (Jesus, John 14:6) came to give us life.  I could not live if it was not for Him.     

Sola Deo Gloria!!!!


May Amelia said...

*dramatic gasp* You have a Mac too?! I adore mine... and I spend WAY too much time on here but... it's a Mac, what can you do? =D

As far as #1 is concerned.... uck. You have a point but... yeah. I was horribly angry when I found out I have to take another math class for my degree when I thought I had taken my last one. Sad day. :( And then I was just about murdered by the astrophysics problems I had to do in astronomy class. *shudder* I may never recover.

Bethany said...

Quite honestly, my life would be better without mathematics. I mean, geometry is okay, but when we get into algebra? It's crazy and mind boggling. Well ok, for me that is lol :D


Joshua said...

Yes, I have a Mac too. Isn't it one of the most incredibly efficient machines ever made? I will never switch back to a PC. Never, because I love my Mac. I know for a fact you feel the same way, right. :)

Murdered. You were murdered. I would not be talking to you if that happened. ;) Anyways, I need to teach you how to appreciate math. You need to take Calculus. It is a beautiful cognition of being able to understand this vast realm as each theorem and formula builds upon each other. And, not only that, you reach the same answer in a variety of different ways. Mathematics is a beautiful art. It is like words. The beauty of words begins simply. As each word meaning categorizes itself within a certain simple category, you begin building vocabulary. And when you build vocabulary, you reach the monumental glory of the English language. The same is with Math. I posted about this some time ago, so you can read the post. Here is the link:

Read the math portion of the response to May's comment that I made. You would be greatly encouraged by that post. :)

May Amelia said...

Excuse me, young man, but I said "almost murdered" not "murdered"! And, no, actually you can keep your deep appreciation for numbers. It's not that I despise math (at least the entry stuff [algebra and/or geometry] and finances [balancing the checkbook, etc.]) but I will leave the admiration of calculus, trig. and physics to people such as yourself. I'm not a huge fan of Isaac Newton or Hipparcus for those reasons though I will admit they were greatly used by God.

Joshua said...

Read the post though. You would be vastly amazed.

In Christ,
Joshua :)