Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day #18: A Time When I Felt Passionate and Alive

The time when I felt most passionate and alive is when my sister and I were reciting a slew of verses in front of our church.  These verses included Isaiah 52:13,14; Matthew 27:27-31; Isaiah 53:1-6; and Matthew 27:45-54.  When you are gripped by the Word of God especially consisting of Christ and His cross, the all-glorious Gospel, nothing is going to stop you.   That is what happened to Rachel and I.  I cannot say for sure that it happened to her (I take that back.  It was very evident in her :), but as I was reciting those verses, God's all-consuming joy and passion was clearly evident in me at that moment.  I nearly broke out into tears one time during the recitation in front of the whole church.  Amazingly, I somehow kept my composure, because God was filling up my heart with unspeakable and incomprehensible joy.  I cannot even begin to explain what happened on that day, but I do know one thing and one thing only........ Jesus Christ died for me and I will passionately scream, if I have too, to pronounce, proclaim His truth to all people--- the astounding and significant truths of the Gospel.  

Sola Deo Gloria!!!!!    



Bethany said...

That is awesome! What God did for His children never ceases to amaze me.

{Far From Perfect} said...

That is so wonderful! Amen and amen!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, God's Blessings to you both!!!


Debbiehere said...

Your passion was, is, and always has been evident. You've chosen the best thing in the universe to be passionate about - the Words of God to His children. You rock!!!

Joshua said...

He is so awesome. Thanks for the comment. :)

God is so great and it is wonderful being able to proclaim his name. :)

Rachel and I were glad to share it with you. May God bless you as well. :)

Aunt Debbie,
Thanks. God is so great and I will continue to proclaim His name until I die.