Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #12: A Song I Want Played At My Wedding

I thought the bride plans the wedding.  Of course, the groom agrees on certain factors, but the bride plays the primary role in planning the wedding with her mother.   In that case, the groom is out of luck, right.  However, if I was given the opportunity to choose a song for my bride's happiest day, it would be Beloved.  Beloved, written and played by Tenth Avenue North, is a song about God's children being the bridegrooms Beloved, but the song has interesting twist to it.  It contains many wedding vow overtones in it that it would fit in wonderfully as a wedding song.  As we (my future bride and I) repeat our vows to each other, we will be repeating them as one in Christ.  We commit to Christ as we commit ourselves to each other.  Christ is my Beloved and vice versa, and the same goes for the husband and wife.  She is my beloved and he is mine.  


Liberty said...

I really like this song! Actually, I think I just really like Tenth Avenue North... :P

Adam said...

I like the song it is Beautiful I just listened to it.

Joshua said...

I completely agree with you on both fronts. :)

Yeah, I like it too. It is a very beautiful song. :)