Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten Reflective Memoirs of 2010 From 10 to 1

This will be my first post containing pictures in a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy long time. What are my top ten memories of 2010 ranging from spiritual to non-spiritual, from familial to friendships, from least to greatest? Here we go:

#10 - My Car Accident

This is the exact model of the car that I wrecked nearly four weeks ago. Most importantly though, the car accident was a reflective memory in that I can truly remember God's infinite protection over me, while I was in the car. I should have been in the hospital for some reasonable amount of time with the way the truck was literally pummeled, but I thank God everyday for His grace and mercy on my life. Thank you Lord for protecting me!

#9 - Christmas 2010

This was my favorite present.  :)  I received a piece of sugarcane from my cousin's husband Lee, and it is very firm and strong--- a perfect guy's present.  Seriously, Christmas was amazing.  However, I may model one of my new shirt's one of these days.  ;)

#8 - Back to Back NBA Champs -  Los Angeles Lakers

When you live near LA, it is all about basketball.  The Lakers are one of the most hated basketball teams in the world, but also the most beloved in LA.  They are definitely my favorite team, because I grew up watching them as a kid, and my whole family are all fans.  16 Titles, one of the most beloved NBA franchises, and defending back to back champs at this point.  Also, defeating arch rival Boston for the title last year.  Cannot go wrong there.  Prediction:  A three peat is on the way.  Watch out!

#7 - Blogging Excursion 

 It is so amazing that God has gifted me with the ability to write.  I am so thankful for this gift and I am going to continue to use it for His glory.  The blogging excursion, this year, has been relatively quiet with fewer posts than the year before, but I plan on exceeding my post expectations next year.  We have a God, who deserves glory and praise, and I plan on giving Him all my effort.  This blog has been a blessing to me as well, because I am unworthily privileged to write for the King of kings.  So, expect to be convicted and convinced of His Lordship in the year ahead.  He is Worthy! :)

#6 Resolved Conference 2010

I was privileged this year to attend the Resolved Conference in Palm Springs, CA with my former Church's College group.  We had a blast worshiping and praising our Lord, while sitting under amazing teaching.  If you have ever been to Palm Springs in the summer time, you know how hot the temperatures can reach.  The temperatures outside on a typical day during the Conference were about 110 degrees, but the fire of the Lord was just as burning inside the building as outside.  What a profoundly inspirational time we had!

#5 Proclaiming the Gospel Through a Self-Box To My Communications Class at a Secular College

No picture needed for this one.  I proclaimed the Gospel to my comm. class and anger was protruding like a laser beam through most of the eyes in the room.  God was glorified as I nearly burst into tears, but kept my composure.  It was a magnificent day.  1 Corinthians 2:2 says, "For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified."

#4 Cambria Vacation in August 2010

It was a remarkable week.  Our grandparents joined us, and we had a relaxing time.  Enjoying the miraculous and amazing beauty of God's astounding creation.  Read more about it here.  

#3 My Friend Sean's Death

(L to R:  Me, Sean, Chance):  This was a picture of us three graduates in 2008.  Sean's death was a reflective memory in that he is having the time of his life right now.  It was a joyous day, but a very sad day in a lot of ways.  I miss his company, his laughter, his amazing strength as he dealt with life on a day to day basis.  I love you Sean.  :)

#2: Abbey's Adoption 

A side view of my smiling faced sweetheart. :)

And, a normal view of my cute pumpkin, who is not so happy.  :)

Our family adopted her in January from Bethany Christian Services and she has been the absolute joy of our lives this year.  Love you sweetie.  :)

#1 Scripture Recitation 

My sister Rachel and I recited a number of verses at our former church in February.  This was the biggest highlight of my year, because the Scriptures we recited specifically involved Christ and His cross.  The cross is our ultimate theme and a magnificent display of God's love.  I posted the video back in February.  If you have not seen it and/or want to see it, view it here.   

Those have been the highlights of my year.  It has been an up and down year, but a majestic year filled with God's blessings, riches, and mercies.  Thanks for reading.  I may be posting Part 5 tonight.  Remember, the 30 day blog challenge begins tomorrow.  Happy New Year Everyone!

Sola Deo Gloria!!!! 



susanwalkergirl said...

Wow Joshua...what a year it was for you. What I see at the center and the thread throughout all of your memories of 2010 is Jesus Christ. Praise Him! He is good all the time!

Bethany said...

What a great post! I love seeing how Jesus has blessed you, protected you, strengthened you, and guided you over this last year. May He receive the glory!

BTW, your little sister is adorable! :)
In Christ,

May Amelia said...

SOunds like you've had a busy year! May this next one be even more God-honoring!

Joshua said...

It was an amazing year. I am glad I came out of it unscathed. He is so good to us. :)

Amen. Yes, may he receive all the glory for the year that I have had. Also, I completely agree with you about Abbey. She is the most adorable baby I have ever seen. So cute. ;)

Thanks. I pray that this year is just as God-honoring as last year. Thanks for the comment. :)

Eldarwen said...

My Me-ma & Pa-pa were brought to Christ because of a terrible car wreck they were in. They survived without even a scratch. They weren't Christians at the time, but they told us, "We knew it was God." (That's when they found out my Pa-pa had brain cancer. He was the one driving & he blacked out.) They became Christians 5 years ago and today my Pa-pa is healed of his Cancer. Praise God! :D

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Sean. But you're right, he is having the time of his life. :)

My family and I adopted, too. Abbey is precious. ^_^

You know, I've been following your blog for some time, but these past few months I have gotten TERRIBLE at reading people's blogs. I guess you can say I'm catching up. :) Happy New Year!

Love in Christ,

Joshua said...

Praise God he healed your father from cancer. That is an incredible story of God's great provision and mercy on your family. :) No worries about not having enough time to comment and what not. I often get so busy as well that I forget to comment on other peoples blog to encourage them. So, don't feel too bad about it. :) We all get busy with life.

Thank you for your concern about Sean. Yeah, he is having the time of his life right now. I wish I was up there with him. I will one day, but I wish I was there now.

Thanks also for commenting about Abbey. I know she is a doll and I love her to death. Yeah, isn't this so true in that when you adopt, you begin to realize the love of the Father. His heart is to save His children, and he loves us. He has adopted us into His family. I am a child of the King of kings. It is a wonderful opportunity to adopt, because you are able to share the love of the Father with these unwanted orphans, and tell them that God loves them just as much. Thanks for the comment. :)