Monday, November 29, 2010

Practice, Practice, and More Practice....... :)

This post has randomly come up, because I am endeavoring on a path I have never trodden before. Well, I have part way. This path is learning how to play the guitar. I have a guitar. I have played for about a couple weeks. Then, I quit. I took up the task of persevering through it a couple other times after that first moment and quit both times after the task proved to be rather difficult from my perspective. I think I know what the problem is. I have this preconceived idea that overnight I will magically transform into this wonderful worship guitar leader, where I could play every worship song known to man. However as everyone knows, the reality of that happening is practically impossible from every angle in the universe. You will not magically transform into it. You must practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice..... Do you guys get the point? Yeah, I thought you all might. But, there is a difference. The difference now is that I am committed to practicing, because God is worthy of our worship and praise. I will persevere through this major step, because our God is mightily awesome. I will worship Him with all that I have. (Psalm 103:1). All that is within me, I will praise Him and bless Him.

If you guys have any tips, I would be glad for any help that I could receive. Thanks and many blessings.

Sola Deo Gloria!!!!


May Amelia said...

Wow that's awesome! Good for you! =]
You use a lot of big words! 0_0 Do you talk like that in everyday conversation? (I'm merely curious!)
I have a guitar too. My dad's friend pulled it out of a garbage and it turned out to be a $100 guitar, no joke! I haven't actually had time to learn it, but I want to someday! So, I don't have any advice except to repeat the old adage: "Practice makes perfect!" =]
Best wishes on your endeavors!

Dakota said...

The only pointer I can think of is to play LOTS! Once your fingers get calloused it's a lot easier to sit down for long periods of time and practice like you need to.

Joshua said...

To answer your question, partially. When I speak, it depends upon my mood at the time. If I want to impress someone, of course I would use big words like in a job interview or something. If I am talking with friends, I usually use simple words. The only problem about using big words is that you have to know what they mean before you say them. Like take oxymoron for example.

If something is an oxymoron, they don't fall in line with each other, right. A far left-liberal Republican, in this day and age, is an oxymoron. It just does not happen. On the other hand, a far left-liberal Republican, in the 19th century, is not an oxymoron. You could be a liberal and a Republican in the 19th century, and be voted in as a senator in the US. To be a Republican, in this day and age, your only hope of staying Republican is to stand for the values held by the Republican party. Anything other than that, you are labeled a Democrat. So in that case, a left-wing liberal Republican is an oxymoron today. They don't stand in the same sentence with each other.

Overall, if you know what words mean, you are in pretty good shape. Just don't start sputtering out words that make no sense to you. You will find yourself in a rather big jam if you do that. So, yeah, I use big words, that make sense to me, in my everyday conversation. If I don't know what a particular word means, I don't say it. It is as simple as that.

Also, thanks for the advice, but is the old adage, "Practice makes perfect!" actually true. Think about it. :) Practice is definitely a good thing. I will for sure take close heed of that advice.

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Joshua said...

I have experienced the pain of the beginnings of calloused fingers. It should be lots of fun. :) Thanks for the advice. I will probably be practicing for long periods of time. When I begin meditating on the worship songs I will be playing, it will be difficult to stop. Thanks bro. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Adam said...

Awesome! :) I have been learning to play the get-box too, off an on for 5 years but this year Ive been really trying, as you said PRACTICE is the only way to get better. Right now I have almost masted the Revelation Song and I'm working on for my next song In Christ Alone.
One thing that helps me I find a vid of the song being played on Youtube and practice playing along.

Joshua said...

That is not a bad idea Adam. Thanks for the tip. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Rachel said...

I have been playing guitar for nearly 2 years now and practice is the key. :) haha I have a couple guitars and playing guitar is just something that you have to totally enjoy doing or you won't become very successful at it. So I recommend that you make *sure* that you love the guitar. :) It'll help you go far. Oh! and my name is Rachel, I came across your blog from another persons blog and I really like it. You have a very clean and encouraging blog! God Bless ya!
~Rachel ♥