Saturday, August 14, 2010

Off and Away On Vacation But Stay Tuned

I will be going on vacation in about the next 24 hours and I will finish Part 3 of the Salvation Series of works based salvation vs. faith based salvation alone in Christ when I get back. We are off to Cambria to visit the beautiful ocean on the Californian central coast, which will definitely be a relaxing time. However, this blog will not be silent. I have handpicked five specific guys to post on one specific chapter of the Bible that has had the greatest impact on their life and why. These guys may give a brief exegesis of the passage as well, so stay tuned. Three of the five are other bloggers, who have great blogs, and the other two are guys, who I am personally acquainted with in Bible Study groups. So, give them your utmost attention and respect as they try to feed you guys with the truth of the Scriptures. May God richly bless you all as I am gone and hopefully I will return with many things to say about the justice of God in relation to the crashing of the waves against the rocks.


Jenna said...

Have a blessed vacation, Joshua! Praying that the Lord gives you all wonderful family time.

In Christ,

p.s. what a great idea to schedule guest posts while you're gone:)

Joshua said...

Thanks Jenna. :) I thought that it was a good idea to be able to schedule guest posts, while I am away on vacation. It gives you, the readers, an opportunity to read other blog posts written by different people rather than the exact author of this blog. It is kind of like a Pastor inviting one of his colleagues to come and preach at his church. However, it is pretty cool. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)