Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long Overdue Post - What is coming up on this Blog?

With all the comments that I received on what I should post on or continue posting on, I have narrowed it down to 3 things. I am going to continue posting on the Attributes of God, I am going to start a Spiritual Daybook weekly series, and I am going to continue the Did you know.... posts that I have not done in awhile. If you want to add something, post a comment. I will think about it with discernment. My main goal is to glorify God on this blog. Each new post is discerned completely to this one end. What will glorify God? For example, if I talk about my life, is that glorifying to God? It depends. Then, I ask another question. What is my motivation behind this post? Is my motivation to be liked by my followers? or is my motivation to glorify God? That is why I am kind of wary about doing tags, awards, and what not. My flesh enjoys receiving tags and awards. Is it glorifying to God, if I waste my time posting about this award or tag? Think about it. Time is the most precious commodity that God has given to us and life is short. You may not realize this, but many teenagers think they are indestructible. That God is compliant enough to let them live a long life. If you have that mindset, you are reading the wrong Bible. I won't delve into this realm, because that is not my intention in this post. If you want to argue with me, read the Bible, specifically verses relating on how you will give an account to God for your life. I won't argue back, if you try to, because Scripture is clear on this issue that life is a vapor and you need to strive for the things of God constantly 24/7. Well, you should want to strive for the things of God, but need is apparent in this context. Anyways, you get my point. Now, my overall intention of this post was to lay out what I mean by Spiritual Daybook and how I am coming along on the Attributes of God series.

1) The Attributes of God series is complete for the Love of God, His Mercy and Grace, and His Holiness. This is what I will do for the Love of God.....

Finish Part 2 of the Depth of God's Love. This will complete the series on God's love. I know, I said before that this series was going to have about seven parts to it. I was wrong. The Depth of God's Love completes the fabrication of the complexity of His love. What I meant to say before was that we will dive into the implications of loving God included with the Love of God. So, technically, you can call it God's Love, but it is the implications of us loving God. We will dive into the first condition of Luke 14:25-33. If you have not read my only post on the Believer's Gathering Blog, I will transfer that post over onto this blog to begin explaining what it means to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Then, we will dig into Matthew 22:34-40. To complete the study on the Love of God, we will exposit the most familiar passage of Scripture on Love, 1 Corinthians 13. So, with that said, God's Love and the implications of His love will be thoroughly ingrained in our minds that we will then begin to look at His wondrous Mercy and beautiful Grace. I will talk more about the schedule for that series when we get there.

2) What is a Spiritual Daybook? Well, to explain myself, many of the young women throughout the blog world write a Young Madien's Daybook about their life, in general. Also, a guy named Andrew has recently created a guys version of that, The Gentlemen's Weekly Journal. If you want to go check it out, here is his link. Anyways, I have twisted those versions around to create a journal where I could ask questions regarding what I have been studying in the Bible, what I have been memorizing, what areas in my life do I need to improve? Questions like that. I will also give a quote of the week along with a verse of the week. We will see how it goes, but my main desire about beginning this is that I want to keep a daily schedule of where I could do better in a certain area of my life or what I could have done in a specific circumstance to bring more glory to God. If you have ever read of any of Jonathan Edward's resolutions, one of his resolutions is devoted to this. "41. Resolved, to ask myself, at the end of every day, week, month and year, wherein I could possibly, in any respect, have done better. Jan. 11, 1723." This was written by a 19-year old young man fully devoted and set apart for God. Incredible or what? I will write a post about Edwards someday. A memoir dedicated to him. I am writing what I am thinking now. This can get very scary, so I am going to post out. Overall though, these are the plans for the upcoming future posts that will hopefully bring much glory and honor to my only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!!

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Josh said...

Hey Joshua,
Yes, I have missed you on this blog, but am excited to hear of what God is showing you....As for me, I really look forward to your coming posts...

Blessings to you my David,