Thursday, January 28, 2010

Post Reading - Open Discussion

I just wanted to know how many of you read my posts. If you do, can you please put in a quick comment? That would be great. The purpose of this is to see how many of you are, well, interested in the posts that I write. You can comment on what type of posts you would like to see more of. If you want me to finish the Attributes of God series, I am working hard on that. What I have been doing all this time is separating what I am going to talk about in succession with the other attributes of God. After God's love, we will dive into mercy and grace, as you all voted for. Next on the list will be the holiness of God and so on. His justice, righteousness, and the three omni's. We will also take a glimpse of God's sovereignty, immutability, and joy. This time has not been wasted. I thank you all for your patience. So, if you could please comment, that would be very helpful for me. Thank you!


Jenna said...

Hey Joshua!!
I read every post, though I do have to apologize for not commenting regularly. I'm sorry.

I have enjoyed each post so far and been blessed by all of them;) Your love and passion for Jesus Christ is a blessing too.

Keep up the great work!!!
Your sister in Christ,

Elliot said...

Have it on my Google Reader, but I have so much on there, I can't say I always read every single post. When, e.g., my Google Reader says there are (434) unread items after a weekend away from the computer, sometimes I just click "Mark as Read," if that makes any sense. =)

Katie said...

I read every post, and enjoy them greatly! I have been blessed by them as well. Your love for God shows through everything you write, and thats really awesome.

I would really like to read the rest of The Attributes of God series. I can't wait to read what you have on His Mercy and Grace!

Rachel M. said...

Hi Buddy!
I don't read every post thoroughly, but do come by ever so often ;D I am looking forward to your series on God's attributes. :)
Like Jenna, I am blessed by your love and passion for Jesus. What a true blessing to have you as my brother. :)
God bless!
Your sis,

Anonymous said...

I read em but I haven't posted for a while. Sorry!

Lindsay said...

Hi Joshua,
I do read your posts, but I just don't comment on all of them. I'm sorry about that! Your blog is a real blessing... your posts always bring so much glory to God. Keep up the great work!

~ God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more about gardening and tummy time.

Chloƫ said...

Hi Joshua!

I read all your posts...I've enjoyed the attributes of God series so far! Please keep the encouraging work!!!

Regan Family Farm said...

Hi Joshua!
Keep them coming...I appreciate your in-depth look at so many important and beautiful concepts of Scripture. You (and Rachel) are such an encouragement to us on this side of the country:)
Mrs. Regan

Angela said...

I do read all of your posts, and they're really encouraging!!!! And I'm really looking forward to the rest of the "Attributes of God" series.

Anonymous said...

I like the posts. They are very encouraging and helpful. Please keep posting them.


Melinda said...

I read most of them and I really have enjoyed your attributes of God posts. They are very encouraging! Keep up the wonderful work!

Joshua said...

Thank you all for your perspectives. The people, who said sorry, you do not have to be sorry. I totally understand that life gets busy sometimes, because my life gets extremely busy and I am not always up to date on everybody's blogs. I am just being honest. I try to though and all of your blogs are encouraging to some point. I encourage you to keep on lifting up the name of Christ. He is to be glorified!

I use Google Reader as well, so I clearly understand what you are saying. I have over 1000+ now. Maybe I should get going on them or just delete them. I will think about it.

What kind of gardening posts do you want me to post on? Tummy time...... I don't know what you mean there.

Courtney said...

Your posts are very encouraging. I've been really busy, so I don't often have time to be on a computer, but I always enjoy your posts.


'becca said...

Hey Joshua,

I really enjoy reading your blog and am looking forward to what you post next!! God bless!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear an in depth discussion of cloth or disposable diapers and the impact on mother earth.

Jess said...

Hello Joshua. Yes, I do read every post (though I haven't read the last attributes of God post, since I got a bit behind during Christmas, the New Year, & most of January). I was going to mention I was sorry about almost never commenting, but then I read your post. Thanks for understanding! I've enjoyed the Attributes of God posts--so keep posting! The immutability one sounds especially interesting. I'd like it if you'd post on God's attribute of justice, too. One thing I especially enjoy about your posts is when you post about something that usually isn't preached on/written about/talked about/exc. It's kinda refreshing when I read about something new--though I do enjoy reading about "old" things sometimes, as well.

a sister in Christ,

Jess said...

(by the way, the reason I read this one, but not the previous one is because (1) ang (my sis--growing in faith and virtue) told me about it, and (2) because it was sorter, of course! XP)