Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tyranny Eve - URGENT!!!!!

This was from Josh and Jenna's Blog.

Josh says, "
This inspiring video and call to action was found earlier today by my Momma. Please take the time to listen to this. Dad and I were ready to go to Washington D.C tonight but there were no flights and there is not enough time to drive in a vehicle...I encourage any of you who listen to this video to go! Understandably, you may not be able to attend(like us), but the least we can do, is pray. And pray we will.
I would encourage you from the bottom of my heart to PLEASE pray tomorrow between 6-10am, that the Government Health Care bill will not be passed. Also, I have a vision of Christians all across the USA praying for our prosperity of our country and government. Can't you see Christians rising up all around and crying out to God together? Please post this video on your blog, and pass on the vision to all your followers and the people that read your blog between now and 6 am tomorrow. Please pray with me and spread the vision!
PLEASE, copy and paste this on your blog along with the YouTube video. We need to get the word out there on a short notice. We as a country need to be on our hands and knees, praying that this bill does not pass. Email it to friends, family, blog and pray!"

We definitely will be praying!!! Thanks Josh and Jenna.


Mardi said...

Whoa, I will definately be praying.

susanwalkergirl said...

Thanks Joshua...posted the video and will be praying for God to intervene.

Jennifer said...

Great post..thanks for posting the video:)