Saturday, December 12, 2009

Schedule, Poll, and Miscellania

This is my schedule for the Attributes of God Series. At most, I am going to post two times per week. I have Finals coming up this week, so I won't be posting Part 3 until Thursday maybe Friday. We will see how it goes. Part 4 will come sometime Saturday or Sunday, and then I will post Part 5 Tuesday or Wednesday. I will post a Christmas post on the 25th. Then, I will be on vacation with family through the New Year. First time we have ever been on vacation during this time, but it should be fun.

Also, the Attributes of God poll is up. Please vote on the next Attribute of God that you want me to post about. The voting deadline is New Year's Eve. I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

That will be it for Saturday. Hope everyone had a great Saturday and will have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!!!!!~


Jenna said...

Hey Joshua,
I wanted to let you know that none of your side bar comes up on my computer...I"m not sure why, just thought you'd want to be aware of it;)

God Bless,
Your Sister in the LORD,

Adam said...

Hey Joshua,
There is this radio station I listen to here in Sugar Land TX.
That I thought you might enjoy they are having 5 days of God honoring
Christmas music, played starting on the 21st of December.
And if you can not get their station you can listen to them off
the WEB. Here is a link > for info

Their call letters are KHCB Keeping Him Close By.

Signed a Brother in the Lord,


I pray you may have a
 Merry Christmas 