Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas- The True Meaning of Christmas w/ the Winner of the Christmas Giveaway

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!! The raffle is complete and the winner is about to be named. I made sure that I put everyone's name in the box, checked it twice, and my great sister Rachel reached her hand in the box to pick the winner. So with that said, the winner of the Christmas giveaway for the Don't Waste Your Life book is..............

Katie! Congratulations Katie. I will e-mail you to ask you for your address, so that I could send the book off to you, and I will post a comment on either one of your blogs. Thanks to everyone who entered into this giveaway.

Now, as I said, I will post a small post on the birth of our Savior. Without the birth of Christ, there would be no cross, no resurrection, no salvation for mankind, no New Testament, no hope. But, with the birth of Christ, the one, who humbly stepped down from heaven to take on the form of human flesh, the cross, as dark as it is, shines as the symbol of hope because of His birth. Thank you Lord Jesus for your birth and thank you for the cross. The reason for Jesus' birth is the cross. He came to willingly give up His life, and would I say humbly give up his life to save wicked, vile sinners. He did not come to die for righteous people. He came to die for sinful humanity. Is that an astounding thought? Jesus Christ, fully God and truly man, stripped Himself of His divinity to become like man in every way, shape, or form; so that He would become sin for us that we might know the righteousness of God through His death. Jesus' birth equals His death. The true meaning of the virgin birth is found in the brutality of the cross. The preview of the Gospel is found in the babe lying in a helpless state in a manger with two parents, which He came to save. So, when you celebrate Christmas this year, remember the cross. The true meaning of Jesus' birth is found solely in the cross for that is the reason why He came. He came to redeem humanity from living a life of sin and He came to redeem humanity from eternal damnation. That is the true meaning of Christmas. The cross = the birth of Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria Forever!!!!!~


Josh said...

Congrats Katie! I have this book at home and it is inspiring!

I like the way you said "The Cross = The birth of Christ" Very good point!
Merry Christmas,

Katie said...

Thanks so much! I just emailed you my address. : ) And great post, I always love being reminded of Christ's birth!


Lindsay said...

Merry Christmas, Joshua!!

And congratulations, Katie!
I'm sure the book will be a
real blessing to you. :)

- God Bless,

Kaylene said...

Congrats Katie!!!