Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Attributes of God: The Love of God Pt. 1

I checked my last Attributes of God post and it was the introduction to the series back in July. Wow! Time has flown by like a rocket and I am just beginning this series that hopefully will bring much glory and honor to Jesus Christ. However, as I checked the final results of the Attributes of God poll that I placed on my blog many moons ago, the love of God tallied up the most votes. So, because of the final poll tally, I will begin this series with the awe-striking love of God.

First of all, before I begin my first few paragraphs on the first part of the love of God, I will outlay my schedule for this series. A schedule would be absolutely helpful for my followers and myself, so that I don't fall behind. Fair enough. With that said, the love of God will contain a maximum of seven posts. Then, I will move on from there with a vote on the next attribute of God. This specific poll, with my followers consent, will provide me with enough info. to start on the next attribute of God. I will also post a schedule on my sidebar, so that you all will know when I will post the next post to this series. Got it. Hopefully, it all makes sense and I was not rambling. If it doesn't make sense, post a comment and ask me what does not make sense. Otherwise, I assume that you all understand.

Now, in the love part of the Attributes of God series, I will touch on a variety of topics relating to God's love. In this first part, I will go over the kind of love attributed to God and get this series underway, while Parts 2 and 3 will cover the magnificence and beauty of God's love. Parts 4 and 5 will cover our attitude towards loving God and how we can love God. Parts 6 and 7, however, are to be determined. In the overall scope of the imagination, we will see how it goes. May God ultimately be glorified.

One day, in an American POW camp held by the Japanese during WW2, American POW's were returning from an intense day of hard-working labor forced by the Japanese Army. The American POW's were asked to place their shovels back where they belonged. When all the shovels were gathered, one of the Japanese generals ordered the Americans to place their backs up against the wall until all the shovels were counted. As soon as all the shovels were counted, their ended up being one missing shovel. When the Japanese general heard this, his temper flared into an angry tirade. "Who stole a shovel?" the Japanese general exclaimed angrily in Japenglish. All Americans froze. The general screamed again the same sentence. Silence. "Shoot 'em all," cried the Japanese general in utter hatred. "Wait." one American replied, "I stole the shovel." A shot broke out almost instantly and the American, who replied to the general, was killed on the spot. "Who's next?" yelled the Jap-general. Every American stood still and waited until the Japs left. Once they had left, one of the friends of the dead American POW dug a hole and buried the body, but as he soon found out, the Japanese had miscalculated the number of shovels. All of the shovels were returned before the incident took place. This revelation broke the heart of the soldier, who lost his fellow buddy, as he realized that his friend died for no reason, but to save them from all being killed. A miscalculation led to a dead American hero, who gave up his life to save his fellow men.

This true story gives us a small glimpse of the love of God, but ultimately God's love is unfathomable, incomprehensible, and undeniably great. The love of God, in Greek, is agape, which literally means a selfless kind of love that involves giving with expecting nothing in return. Just like the fellow American loved selflessly for a split second, God loves us selflessly day in and day out, 24/7, with a love that cannot be comprehended at all. Reflect on this love daily and be astounded by it.

We only hit the bare surface of God's love and we will go more in depth on the subject tomorrow. Yes, I will post tomorrow on the Attributes of God: The Love of God Pt. 2; so be eager and watchful.

Soli Deo Gloria Forever!!!~


Jenna said...

I look forward to the attributes of God series! The love of God is SO amazing, and often hard to fathom. God is SO GOOD! He loves us SO MUCH. It's amazing to me, how much He could love someone like me:)

Thanks for posting this! That story was a great example of God's love for us.

In Christ,

Jess said...

I just wanted to ask what happened to your blog? Since about when you posted the Christmas Givaway post, I've only been able to see that post, and now this one. I can't see any of the gadgets or anything. I know it's not just my laptop because I've gone on your blog on at least two other computers, and it's the same.

Since i'm commenting, I might as well say that this was an awesome post, too!

In Christ,

Baker Smurf said...

Just wanted to let you know that there are no Comment capabilities on your giveaway post!
Yikes! And I'd love to win that book!
So, hope this counts as an entry!

Regan Family Farm said...

Cannot true!