Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am back on the road to health!

Sorry for not posting in a loooooonnnnggggg time. :) It seems like a long time and the excuses I have for not posting is that I have been sick this past week and school has been top priority. Basically, on Saturday morning, I felt extremely nauseous. I won't go into extreme details because it was that bad, but I do have to say that I have never thrown up 4 times in a single day. Never have, which made it my first and hopefully last time. After I threw up the fourth time, I was thinking constantly about heaven. Why is God not taking me home now? I feel absolutely awful and I don't feel like living another day, but once the throwing up subsided, I had a new fire to stay alive. My whole world was not falling apart and I am thankful for the life that God has given me to be used for His glory and honor. So with that said, I am feeling much better and thank you all for your prayers. :)

I also need to catch up on a few Saturday Did you Know posts. It is my fault for not keeping my commitment of writing one concrete fact every Saturday and I am to blame. It is not like I am running out of facts. I have enough facts stored up in my brain for the next 500 Did you know Saturday posts. I am not kidding about that either. My Biology teacher keeps giving me new ideas each Monday and Wednesday even though she believes in evolution. It is a fascinating world. So, what I am going to do then is this..... I wrote this paper on the Word of God in my senior year of high school (technically two years ago). It is a humorous example of God's divine protection over His word. I am going to post that paper that I wrote in the next day or two to make up for the past Did you know posts that I missed. I think that you all will greatly enjoy this paper, because I definitely enjoyed reading it again, but I guess that does not mean anything, so pick your poison.

One other thing. If you could please be praying for me as well for a paper that I am about to write for my English class about the abortion issue. This issue is extremely significant to me and I pray that my paper would be used to touch the students in my classroom in some form or another. Thank you. I appreciate it. :)

Sola Deo Gloria!!!!


Katie said...

Glad your feeling better! It's nice to see you posting again. : ) I will be in prayer as you write the paper on Abortion. I know it was a tough subject for me to write about. I'm sure God will give you the right words tho. : )


Lindsay said...

Hi Joshua,
I'm glad you're feeling better!! I've really missed your "Did You Know" posts on Saturdays. I will be praying as you write the paper on abortion!

God Bless,

Bethany said...

Praise God that you are feeling better! It is kinda funny how you feel like you are dying when you have the flu, it can be pretty bad. I have a younger 10 yo cousin and she was just sick a week or two ago. She thought she was dying (of course, she wasn't by all means) so she called her family around and started telling them what all they could "inherit" and then was saying goodbye. Ahhh, little kids are so cute!

I will be praying that the paper goes well.

God bless!

Jenna said...

Praise the Lord that you're on the road to's not fun being sick;(

I'll be praying for you too, while you write the paper on abortion...God will put the right words in your mouth!

Your Sister in the Lord,

Ivorydancer said...

We'll be praying! Sorry you haven't been feeling well!

Josh said...

Hi Joshua,
I'm also glad to hear that you're feeling better! (the flu is just the worst...ugh) I will definitely be praying for you on your english paper.
Please forgive me for not emailing you sooner. I feel so bad about not writing...Sorry. I plan on sitting down soon to email you back. Thanks for being a great friend and brother in the Lord.

Blessings to you,

Hannah said...

Glad to hear that your feeling better; being sick is never fun! =)
Yeah, I'll pray about your paper. Abortion is such a terrible sin, and it's really difficult to write about. Let God use you. =)


Elliot said...

Glad to hear that you're doing. Have you run across the book, Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn by any chance? It was a helpful resource for me when I wrote my abortion paper. There are also some stats at