Monday, July 20, 2009

Introduction to the Attributes of God

I am feeling led to start a blog series on God's attributes. From the Westminster shorter catechism, the first question that children always remember is "What is the chief end of man?" The answer to that is to KNOW GOD AND ENJOY HIM FOREVER. So, how can we begin to know God and as a result of that question enjoy him forever? The answer: By learning and studying his very nature (his attributes). God's attributes will bring us to a place of awe-inspiring worship that will help us remember that He alone is worthy of our worship and praise. It has led me to a more heartfelt worship of Him and I pray that it does the same for you.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Regan Family Farm said...

Looking forward to this series,Josh!
Blessings, Mrs. Regan

Katie said...

So looking forward to this series! I will never get tired of hearing and reading about God!!

Jenna said...

It sounds wonderful and encouraging! I am looking forward to it as well~

Your sister in Christ,

Paulina said...

When I pray, I try to begin by praising God and naming all His attributes. I think a blog series like this would be really nice.

Rachel M. said...

Looking forward to the series! :)

Your sis,