Sunday, May 24, 2009

How I broke my right index finger?

All of you are probably wondering how I broke my finger? Before I answer that question, I am going to give you a few tips. #1 - Listen to your parents when they tell you - Don't run in the house with socks on. (Parents would say period, but I ran in the house with socks on). #2 - Life is more difficult with a broken bone, so be careful (especially when you break the index finger of your writing hand). #3 - Be careful how you land (I know this can be extremely difficult, but it may save you from breaking a bone). O.K., now that I got that off my chest. I will answer the question.

I was awaiting my lunch from Del Taco. My Mom, Grandma, and my two sisters (Rachel and Elizabeth) were eating at Del Taco and they were graciously going to pick me up some food. I was at home innocently laying on the couch and studying my history. At once, I heard a car door. I quickly leaped to my feet and CRASH!!!!! I will play that part over again in slow motion. So, I am laying there when I hear a car door outside. When I heard the car door, I laid my book down on the floor and I quickly turned to leap out of my laying position. As I was doing that, my preconceived idea was to run with a mighty force to the door. I got up as fast as a lightening bolt strikes the ground and made my first full step towards the front door, but something went completely wrong (uh-oh). I awkwardly slipped on the slippery surface of the hardwood floor and my whole body went splat on the ground. So, where did my right index finger end up landing? As I was falling, my right index finger was in a terrible position. My finger was heading straight for the coffee table. When I was halfway through my fall, my finger banged the coffee table and flipped upwards. It happened so fast that I was laying on the ground in complete surprise and agony. My finger was hurting bad and I mean bad (because of a numbing feeling). This was a pain that I have never felt before in my life. The pain was a cross between a numbing type feeling and a real actual pain-pain, if you know what I mean. Like just plain old pain. Sorry about the small tongue twister, but it was something like that. I walked it off though and didn't tell my mom until about ten minutes after she came into the house. I have a high pain tolerance; so it was not as bad as I made it out to be, but the numbness felt ugghhh. I don't want to even talk about the numbness, but that is the main reason why I held it from my mom that long--- high pain tolerance. Let's shift our thinking straight to the doctor's office.

My mom and I were waiting the final results of my x-rays when the doctor came in and revealed the news. I have a small chip in my bone on the underside of my right index finger on my writing hand. It was very cool looking at the x-rays of my hand. With the technology they have now, it is on the computer. The last time that I had x-rays for something, they had a highlighted fluorescent screen that the doctors placed the x-rays on. Now they use computers. It was so cool. The doctor could turn the x-rays back and forth, zoom in closer, and what not. It was neat. Anyways, the doctor showed me that the bones of my hand and fingers are fully formed, so the bone may take longer to heal. I will just wait and see what happens. I have a doctor's appointment on June 1st to the orthopedic doctor. This doctor will give me more of a time table for the actual healing of the bone, so it should be fine. Alright, I have to go, so I will talk to you later.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!


Katie said...

I had to laugh at the whole "listening to your parents about running in the house" thing, considering I hear my Mama tell my 16 year old brother that ALL of the time. :-) Sorry your broke you finger tho...I broke my wrist a few years ago and I have a very high pain tolerance as well...but high pain tolerance or not, it does hurt.

But I will tell you this, you mentioned before that you were probably going to have to have your wisdom teeth taken out someday...well, your wisdom teeth being cut out is probably more painful then a broken bone, but not quite as annoying. :-)

Bethany said...

I'm sorry your finger broke! I'll be praying that it heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

OW! *wince* I'm sorry about that!
Yes, I am a big LOTR fan.
I don't think there is a better movie, or books!
Tolkein was brilliant in all the characters, places, and even though he didn't like allegories, there are SO many in LOTR, it's amazing!!
Hannon le for following my blog!
Your comment was really encouraging :)

Courtney said...

Ouch! I broke two fingers last year... you'll be amazed to find out how skilled you can become at writing with two fingers. :)

Praying it heals quickly,

Joshua said...

You are absolutely correct. It hurts no matter what pain tolerance someone has and it has not been fun these past couple of days. Thankfully though, I am adapting fairly quickly to writing without using my index finger. :) It has been tough, but progress is being made.

On the wisdom teeth side of things, I think that I would probably be able to handle the pain, if they gave me pain meds. I haven't taken any pain meds for my broken finger and everything seems to be fine. It throbs in pain from time to time, but I practically just shake it off. I am a guy. What can you do? Thanks for the comment Katie. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Joshua said...

Bethany and Courtney,
Thanks for the prayers. I pray that it heals up quickly and completely as well with no major complications. Thanks for your concern. :)

In Christ Alone Always,
Joshua :)

Joshua said...

Thanks for the comment and for following my blog. I totally agree with your comment that there is no better movie (series and individual movies) than the LOTRs. It was made with excellence and there are many biblical themes throughout the movie that portray that excellence in my book. Stellar movie series and stellar book(s). :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Rachel Danielle said...

I am so sorry- but this post made me laugh so hard, and I felt guilty for laughing, but I couldn't stop laughing! I pray the bone's completely healed. (And I agree with you and Earwen- nothing like Lord of the Rings!)