Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Have Been Tagged Again!!!!

I have been tagged again. This time by Josh at his blog While I'm Waiting. I am supposed to write 50 facts about myself. I will try to zoom through 50 of them.

1. I am a mathematical freak.
2. I like playing any kind of sport.
3. I like going on any amusement park ride (roller coasters, thrill rides, whatever).
4. I like Kombucha (type of Chinese fermented healthy tea).
5. I will eat almost anything (besides strawberries and tomatoes).
6. I have won a Fear Factor contest.
7. I love God with everything that I have.
8. I have a speech impediment.
9. I like Politics.
10. I love God's creation.
11. Babies are sweet and cute (love any of them).
12. My favorite book of the Bible is Ephesians.
13. I am 19.
14. I want to serve God the rest of my life.
15. I am trying to grow a goatee (not working well with my genes).
16. I am a blond.
17. I have blue eyes.
18. I am clearly analytical and a deep thinker.
19. God has gifted me with a love and a passion for His Word and the things of Him.
20. I used to have braces (three years ago I believe).
21. I got my driver's license two months ago.
22. I have pet chickens.
23. I have an infectious laugh (my family says so).
24. I can bicycle a long time without even tiring.
25. I have never broken a bone.
26. I love Chris Tomlin and David Crowder.
27. My favorite role model in the Bible is Jesus. (non-perfect role model is Daniel).
28. I was in special ed. as a kid.
29. My kindergarten teacher said that I would never be able to read or write (God performed a miracle).
30. God has helped me to persevere through every difficulty.
31. He Alone is Worthy.
32. I am saved by His grace alone.
33. Role model, on this planet, is my Dad.
34. My family contains a wide variety of ethnicities. (Hispanic, African American) Love them all so much.
35. I enjoy history.
36. I love my family.
37. I have a one year old sister named Elizabeth.
38. I enjoy solving mathematical word problems and formulas.
39. I enjoy Biology.
40. My favorite part of God's creation is our bodies.
41. My favorite vacation spot is Cambria, California (beautiful place surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with extremely gorgeous sunsets).
42. I love studying the intricate design of the human body.
43. I will never become a doctor because I hate blood.
44. My life is busy right now.
45. I am studying Trigonometry.
46. I want to finish strong.
47. I want to live a life fulling pleasing to my Lord and Savior
48-50. I can't wait to see my Savior face to face in heaven (what a day that would be).

O.K., I got through 48. My brain was hard pressed and I can't think anymore. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me. I think everyone else has been tagged. If someone has not been tagged, I tag you. Go along with it and have fun.

Soli Deo Gloria Forever and Ever!!!!


Jenna said...

Great tag Joshua! I enjoy reading tags like this and getting to know people a little bit better:) I really appreciate how you said that your role model was your Dad...that is just so neat. In this day's "world", people want to be like the Jonas brothers and Miley Cirus (I don't know anything about them, just heard of them). So, to have someone say that they want to be like their Dad is really special!

God Bless~
Your sister in Christ,

Josh said...

Thanks for doing this tag...I really enjoyed reading thru it! I was very glad to hear from you again:)
God Bless,

susanwalkergirl said...

Well for #49 you can put that you are a wonderful young man. One that any mother or father would be blessed to call you their son. I'm quite certain...I bring an un-biased opinion to the table.

Not only do you love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength...but He has gifted you greatly to serve Him.

I can hardly wait to see what God does in your life should Jesus tarry in calling us home.

Love you Joshua!

'becca said...

Great job Joshua!! It is really hard to make it to 50!! I enjoyed learnig a little more about you.

God bless,


Events In The Life said...

Hi. Good post! I like the tag. This is the first time I've been on your blog and I feel lke I know you already. lol! Please visit my blog, There's an upcoming contest on it. (Once I get to know more people, better.) God Bless You! See ya!