Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God is God

Before I start my MiniBlog series on the Cross of Christ, I wanted to share with you all a poem that I wrote a couple years back. It is the one and only poem to my name and probably the last poem I will ever write. Here it goes:

God is God
By: Joshua S.

The beauty of a sunset
Glimmering across the waves of an expansive ocean.
The mystery of a universe
Shining bright with an infinite number of stars.
The majesty of a God
Creating all things for His glory and honor.

Beauty is astonishing.
Mystery is shining.
Majesty is magnifying.
Paradise is glimmering.
Creation is astounding.
God is God.


Rachel said...

Great poem! :) Praise Him everyday!

Josh said...

Very nice poem! You are more gifted in that area than I! Thank you for dropping the comment on my blog. I think that we have a lot in common and will become good friends. I enjoy your blog already. Keep up the good work!

Joshua said...

Hey Josh,
I also think that we have a lot in common too. You are the oldest of 8. I am the oldest of 3, possibly a fourth may be in the mix. We have a lot of common interests. I love animals, music, the Bible and things of God, and biology. I have gone horseback riding only one time before and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is kind of hard to horseback ride in Southern Cal, but I can say that I did it. Well anyways, I am getting too ahead of myself. I accept your offer of friendship and I believe that we will become good friends as well. I am continuing to pray for you brother. Hopefully, we will meet in person someday. So long. Joshua :D

'becca said...

Your poem is wonderfully written, Joshua! Are you going to write more?

Joshua said...

Just depends. I may write more poems, but I don't think that I am particularly gifted in that area. Just to say this much, it took me about an hour to write that poem. You have to have poetry in the correct poetic measures and everything. It is very hard to write poems, but I could do it though.