Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bible Trivia Results Week 2

The final Bible Trivia results are:

1st- Andrew
2nd- Courtney
3rd- Bethany
4th- Jenna
5th- Ryan

You guys all got the correct answers. Great job! Andrew, if you would please send me your address and your choice of dog tag by posting another comment, that would be great. I will not publish it. Thanks for playing.

I have decided to expand this out a bit. Instead of creating a question every week, I have decided to make a question once a month. Hopefully, that would give everybody a chance to play. I may even extend the answering time to a week. Who knows? If you guys (girls) have any ideas, just drop them by.


Dinah said...

Just wanted to say we visited your blog. We found it from Jenna's. And we are from California too!

Joshua said...

Wow! There is somebody else, who keeps on eye on my blog that is from California. Thanks for commenting on my blog Dinah. Do you mind me asking where you live in California? I am just curious. If you don't, I fully understand. My family lives in Orange, California. A couple hours south of LA and a couple hours north of San Diego. Great place to live, but I think that the Central/Northern California area is more beautiful. We have been to Cambria, Merced, Fresno, Yosemite. My family loves visting those places because of the beauty. I would love to live there someday. Thanks for stopping by my blog.